Atlas of coastal habitats of Region Lazio

The Atlas that describe the variety and variability of coastal dune habitats in "Regione Lazio" has a dual function: a) on one side can be of some help to specialists and experts who deal with planning, management and conservation of coastal environments; b) on the other side, the diffusion of knowledge and data can help the general public to learn more about the high ecological and landscape value of the dune ecosystems, necessary condition for conservation efforts can be really effective. In fact, along the majority of the Italian coast changes that have occurred in the area led to the alteration, the rarefaction or disappearance of entire plant communities and, as a result, the local extinction of typical species. These plant species, such psammophilous, are highly specialized and closely related to the coastal environment; They are therefore particularly exposed to the danger of extinction. In this context, the thorough knowledge and monitoring of flora and coastal habitats become priority actions for the conservation of biodiversity.

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