Azione bando delle idee anno 2013-2016

List of projects proponents to Ideas Announcement 2013-2014. The Announcement has the following purposes: increase the development of associations and groups created and managed mostly by young people aged 35 years or less, supporting the spirit of initiative in cultural activities, in free time, in community life and and promoting projects of aggregation and solidarity with other groups of young people, whose inspiring ideas can be used as good practice and become transferable model; - promoting actions of widespread legality, active citizenship, social solidarity, supporting the relationship and communication between generations to reinforcement of the social fabric; - Develop the regional system of effective youth participation in regional and local decision-making; - encouraging the active participation of young people; - - Encouraging the active participation of young people; - create networks of partnerships or relationships between individuals, institutional or otherwise, in the different local communities, encouraging participation, including financial, of different structures, institutions and associations operating in the area.

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