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DataLab Lazio Tour, second stage: 6 May Albano Laziale

The second stage of DataLab Lazio Tour – the cycle of five meetings organized in the context of the Open data Lazio regional project to present the regional portal on open data and to involve local players– will take place in Albano on 6 May at 9.30 am. The event will be at the Palazzo del Comune di Albano Laziale (Piazza Costituente 1).

The meeting will have two important sessions: a training and debate session and a real Lab on data. It will be the occasion for all people coming from this province to take part to the process of use and openness of data.

The event is organized by Regione Lazio, in collaboration with Comune di Albano Laziale; local authorities, companies, schools, media and citizens are invited to take part to the event.

The participation is free

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