#sapeteche you can see how many people are waiting for cure in an Emergency Care Unit?​

​Now 21 people are waiting ​for cure at the Emergency Care Unit of San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital, but it is not real...why? Because Pronto Soccorso - Accessi in tempo reale (​Emergency Care Unit​ - Accesses in real time) is the dataset that every 6 minutes refreshes and displays in real time how many people are waiting for at the Emergency care unit. Were they 21? ​Now less, just the time for a post.
This dataset can be easly ​browsed in relation to the health unit and Municipality. It informs about delays according to the emergency codes (white, green yellow and red).
In case of emergency, data can help us to estimate the necessary time and to find an Emergency unit near and with a short delay. This dataset gives information from a quantitative point of view (not qualitative) about the service. It helps us to receives cures as soon as possible and in case of danger, it is an fundamental element.
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