Guides lines

Thanks to the modifications of the Article 52 of the Code of Digital Public Administration, introduced by Law 221 of 17 December 2012, now Italy has adequate rules at European level concerning the management and the access to public data.

The regulations allow the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) to foster national policies in order to enhance the public information heritage and to steer the public administrations to a process of production and to a standardized and interoperable release of public data on a national scale.   

In particular, the Agency fixes the National Agenda, that indicates the adopted strategy for enhancing the public information heritage and the Guide Lines, which define the main interventions to do in order to carry out this strategy. Moreover, the Report on the state of this process is included in its activities.

All documents - available on AGID web site – are under the license Creative Commons – Attribution – Share (CC-BY-SA) and are yearly updated on the base of needs emerged during the examinations with the authorities.

The final version of the National Guide Lines for the enhancement of the public information heritage for the year 2014 is the result of the public consultation started by the Agency for Digital Italy in June of the same year.

A report containing the information about this consultation are available here (PDF). At the end of the process, the Agency adopted the guidelines through an Order by the Commissioner (determinazione commissariale n. 95  26 June 2014 (PDF).

The document aims at supporting the public authorities, in particular for:

  • Choice of the license to be associated to data;
  • Analysis of aspects for possible costs of open data;
  • Publication of data in Open Data portals for a major standardization of the process;
  • Identification of possible clauses to put in tender specificationsw for the treatment of public data.

This document extends the previous "Guidelines for semantic interoperability through linked open data" by the SPC board (Public Connectivity and Cooperation System). Here available a synthesis of the document in English version.