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Oggi conosciamo il termine Open government

per il funzionamento dei governi trasparenti, responsabili e sensibili per i cittadini.

13/06/2017 redazione web

Oggi conosciamo il termine RDF

forma nativa per descrivere i linked data

13/06/2017 redazione web

Oggi conosciamo il termine Engagement dei cittadini

obiettivo centrale dell' open government

13/06/2017 redazione web

#sapeteche nel Lazio è disponibile l’inventario e il catalogo dei Beni Librari?

Dataset Inventario Beni librari

08/06/2017 redazione web

#doyouknowthat ​now you can not renounce anymore to training?

Lazio has 1102 outdoor sport facilities, equipped for several sports.

29/11/2016 redazione web

Oggi conosciamo il termine Dataset

Glossario: dataset

24/10/2016 redazione web

#sapeteche che esiste una mappatura della presenza dell'Orso bruno marsicano nel territorio laziale?

Gli eventi di presenza, rappresentati su una territorio di 2km x 2km, sono definiti a partire dai segni di presenza rilevati e poi validati dai referenti della Rete Regionale di Monitoraggio dell'Orso bruno marsicano.

14/10/2016 Admin OpenData

#sapeteche che su dati.lazio.it è disponibile anche un censimento sui pipistrelli nel Lazio?

Censimento e monitoraggio dei chirotteri nel Lazio

12/10/2016 redazione web

#sapeteche nella Regione Lazio ci sono ben 722 parafarmacie?

Su dati.lazio.it è disponibile il dataset con l'elenco completo delle parafarmacie presenti sul territorio della nostra Regione

05/10/2016 redazione web

Oggi conosciamo il termine Licence Creative Commons

Oggi conosciamo il termine Licence Creative Commons

03/10/2016 redazione web

Zingaretti al Quirinale premiato per Open Data Lazio

Il presidente della Regione Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, ha ritirato, il 20 settembre, al Quirinale, dalle mani del capo dello Stato, Sergio Mattarella, il Premio Innovazione 2016 “Premio dei Premi” per il portale Open Data Lazio.

21/09/2016 redazione web

Oggi conosciamo il termine API

Glossario: conosciamo il termine API.

19/09/2016 redazione web

Open Data's word: Linked Data

13/01/2016 redazione web

Luca Corsato’s handbook on Open Data Engagement

vademecum di luca corsato

22/12/2015 redazione web

#doyouknowthat in Regione Lazio there are 224 non-profit associations operating on matters of Regional competence?

In September 2015 there were 330 members (including associations, foundations and committees), most of which are based in Rome and its province.

12/11/2015 redazione

Viterbo saw the last appointment of DataLab Lazio Tour: the initiative thanks to which Open Data arrived in Lazio

Thanks to this path, Regione Lazio presented the theme of Open Data to the territory by enhancing the innovative existing experiences, increasing the listening of local needs.

05/11/2015 redazione

#doyouknowthat Regione Lazio allows schools to enter the natural protected areas?

This initiative involved 594 classes of 164 Schools of Regione Lazio for six specific educational programs.

03/11/2015 redazione

The Big Hack: City Roots, the app that promotes the green sharing economy, wins the challenge promoted by Regione Lazio

The award ceremony will take place during the Maker Faire from 16 to 18 October at "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

15/10/2015 redazione

​#doyouknowthat ​in the province of Latina the most of libraries is public?

Dati.Lazio published the dataset relating to ​List of Libraries in Lazio, updated to 2014. Data come from the Register of Italian Libraries.

15/10/2015 redazione

Markets? #doyouknowthat Rome in 2013 had 88 sale centers?

The dataset "Trade Center Census" contains data about sale centers organized by type (supermarkets, malls, outlets etc…) which are present in Municipalities of Lazio.

15/10/2015 redazione

Data of quality: report the bug!

Users can report bugs contained into the datasets in the catalogue on the portal dati.lazio.it.

28/09/2015 redazione

#doyouknowthat in 2013 4482 application forms for student accomodations were sent to Laziodisu?

Beyond the result of the selection, it is very interesting to read these data to discover a cross-section of Italy.

23/09/2015 redazione

​#doyouknowthat ​Lazio has 2.834 pharmacies open to the public?

Do you want to know where and which are pharmacies in you city?

11/09/2015 redazione

#doyouknowthat Regione Lazio received 38.790 requests for economic assistance for the purchase of school books for a total amount of 4.366.619 €?

Until 27th July 2015, Regione Lazio received 38.790 requests from low-income students of middle and high schools aiming to obtain economic assistance for the purchase of school books.

03/09/2015 redazione

#​doyouknowthat live shows in Lazio for 2014-2015 received financing for 5.021.013 €​?

The total financing for live shows in ​​Lazio for the two years period 2014-2015 is 5.021.013,38 euro.

03/09/2015 redazione

Take part to the Open Data Lazio Academy

All materials can be freely used through the Platform (OPEN). Everyone can have access to this Platform.

29/07/2015 redazione

DataLab Lazio Tour in Cassino: discover new initiatives and projects

After Formia (Latina) and Albano Laziale (Rome), the Open Data Lazio Team arrives in Cassino (Frosinone) for the third meeting of DataLab Lazio Tour, the cycle of five meetings organized in the context of the regional project, Open Data Lazio.

29/07/2015 redazione

Transparency and civic monitoring: Open Progetti is here!

Open Progetti is a web app that shows the state of public projects co-financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development in Lazio for the period 2007-2013.

29/07/2015 redazione

#sapeteche you can see how many people are waiting for cure in an Emergency Care Unit?​

Emergency Care Unit​ - Accesses in real time is the dataset that every 6 minutes refreshes and displays in real time how many people are waiting for at the Emergency care unit. Were they 21? ​Now less, just the time for a post.

15/07/2015 redazione

#sapeteche in Lazio ​44 kmt are occupied by beaches facilities?

It is possible to consult​ data (2013) about the Regional Register of concessions of sea state property with touristic purposes​ and see the context where this law enters.

06/07/2015 redazione

#sapeteche...​for every 100.000 citizens in Lazio, 7 Civil Protection associations ​are present?

A great result comes from the comparison among data of different regional datasets.

26/06/2015 redazione

The Open Data Lazio Format at FORUM PA 2015

The training events ​organized in the occasion of FORUM PA 2015 saw a great participation of citizens and public employees (from regional and local authorities). Regione Lazio and LAit gained important results thanks to these project meetings.

26/06/2015 redazione

DataLab Lazio Tour, young people explain what Open Data are

More than 80 attendants took part to the second step of DataLab Lazio Tour in Albano Laziale.

26/06/2015 redazione

Green light for the DataLab Lazio Tour. Public data reach the province

These five meetings will be the occasion to present Open Data Lazio Academy, a free training program for public administrations and local authorities about transparency, open data and open government.

26/06/2015 redazione

More than 100 attendants at the first DataLab Lazio Tour meeting in Formia

That was the occasion to test dati.lazio.it portal and debate on what open data can be for the province of Latina.

08/05/2015 redazione

Open Data Lazio Academy. Training on open data at the start

A place where meetings, distance self-learning activities and interactions integrate into a virtual space designed for learning and networking activities.

07/04/2015 redazione

What Open Data are and why we should use them

Open data are for everyone! Discover why through this video.

03/04/2015 redazione

Open Spesa: the way to transparency for Regione Lazio

a real application that aims at making data, contained into the datasets of the portal and relative to investments and payments of the Region, clear to all citizens.

31/03/2015 redazione