Open Spesa: the way to transparency for Regione Lazio

Open Spesa is the section of portal dedicated to the expenditures of Regione Lazio. It is a real application that aims at making data, contained into the datasets of the portal and relative to investments and payments of the Region, clear to all citizens.

Open Spesa makes items about expenditures of Regione Lazio available. It allows an easy consultation and spurs a civic monitoring.

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Open Spesa is part of the accomplishment of three apps on portal aiming at making the way to open data of Regione Lazio effective. It is a real tool of transparency and participation, that is beyond a mere institutional fulfilment and represents an opportunity to improve the management and the Public administration.

In the next months, after Open Sanità, two further applications will be available: Open Sanità and Open Progetti.

In particular, Open Sanità will offer a clear situation on data about regional health system by allowing a comparison among some parameters thanks to a simple interface and to the use of maps, infographics and graphics of time trends.

Open Progetti is an application that will make all data about projects and initiatives, financed by European and regional funds, immediately comprehensible to all citizens. Open Progetti will allow citizens to be informed about the employment of public resources on regional territory, accountable on what has been done, and to know the outcomes obtained and the efficacy of interventions.


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