About us

The Open Data portal of Regione Lazio is a space where publish open data relative to all sectors of regional activities (health, financial statements, environment, etc…). It aims at becoming a place where collect data of other local public administrations,   companies and other public and private players in order to accomplish a shared regional information heritage.

The project, included in the strategy of the Digital Agenda of Regione Lazio, aims at:

  • Giving complete implementation of citizens' rights, by achieving the strategies of Open Government (transparency, collaboration and participation), which are integral part of regional policies;
  • Making citizens active in the process of open data, for their re-use and valorization of public information and, through them, in definition and monitoring of territorial public policy;
  • Changing the organization of the Region through a more efficient use of data as an objective criteria for programming and control activities;
  • Promoting entrepreneurial intiatives based on Open data use.

The Open Data Lazio project is an initiative of Regione Lazio, carried out by LAit S.p.A. in collaboration with Sinergis, FORUM PA and Depp.