In this page, you will find answers to the most frequent questions about use, conditions and data available on the portal dati.regione.lazio.it. The FAQ Section is continuously updated. Whether your question is not in the list, you should report in the specific Q&A space in the forum.

What are public data?

The public data are data that Public Administrations produce, collect, organize and use during their institutional work. Data are part of PSI – Public Sector Information. The European Union acknowledges the deep value that is beyond the accomplishment of institutional duties of the organism holding the PSI. The information, that the public sector holds, represents a huge heritage in every sector made up of information, data and contents.    

What is the re-use of public data?

Data belonging to public authorities can be used (re-used) by physical or legal person with commercial or no commercial aims, different from the institutional aim for which data have been produced. The European Directives, which acknowledge in the information belonging to the public sector and in its re-use an opportunity of development and growth for the whole European Union, fix the regulatory framework for the re-use of public data (Laws and Directives).

What is the purpose of dati.lazio.it?

Dati.lazio.it è il portale della Regione Lazio dedicato all'Open Data dell'amministrazione regionale e di tutte le amministrazioni e gli enti pubblici del territorio. Il portale risponde a quattro obiettivi:

  • valorizzare il patrimonio informativo pubblico;
  • sensibilizzare tutti gli attori territoriali sulle tematiche legate agli Open Data e all'Open Government;
  • stimolare il coinvolgimento e la partecipazione attiva dei cittadini e degli stakeholder al progetto di apertura dei dati del territorio regionale;
  • creare opportunità di crescita e di sviluppo territoriale orientando le informazioni pubbliche anche a scopo commerciale.

Who are the recipients of dati.lazio.it?

Dati.lazio.it addresses to citizens, public operators, companies, researchers and journalists on territorial and national level.

What kind of data does the portal hold?

The homepage contains links to 20 categories where the datasets, produced by the Directions and regional offices (health, financial statements, taxes, payments, agriculture, environment, heritage, etc…) and by other local authorities of Regione Lazio (Municipalities, Union of Municipalities, Provinces, Universities, Subsidiary Companies, etc…), are organized. Private subjects will have also the possibility to publish their own data. In this way, the portal can become a point of access and publication for all communities of territory, independently from the public or private nature of the subject, owner of the data.

Can other data be requested?

Into the section "Community", users will find the menu item Ask for a new dataset, with all information to forward the request.

Which is the format of data when you download them?

Datasets are available in formats CSV, JSON, Shapefile, KML and RDF. Each dataset has metadata defined by DublinCore and enriched with data necessary to complete the geographic information.

How is it possible to search data?

The datasets of the portal are collected and published in the data catalogue (CKAN). In order to explore the datasets published in the catalogue and search those you are interested in, you will find here different search modalities:

Research based on a key word

This modality is typical for research in data catalogue. The research can be simple or advanced as it happens for a web search engine (see Google).

Research according to the topic

This modality allows exploring different topics. Once the user choices the single topic, it is possible to have access to all datasets.

Research on a map

User can select an area on the map of Lazio, he obtains a list of all datasets relative to the territory selected (schools, hospitals, environmental data, public transfers, payments to companies etc…).

Other modalities

It is possible to do researches according to formats (csv, xml, rdf, etc…), to types of data (alphanumeric, geographic, documents, etc…) or type of license.

Programmers will have at their disposal the Application Programming Interface (Endpoint for access to WFS geographic data and for the access to Linked Data SPARQL) that allows the research activity and the download of data.

How is it possible to download datasets?

It is necessary to follow download instructions that users will find in each datasets, after the consensus to the license of use. Before the download, it is possible to view the data preview. Functions of data browsing and graphic information are available. They give to users interactive possibilities of contents representation into a dataset (line graphs, points, lines and points, histogram and bars).

What are licenses of use?

The licenses of use define conditions and modalities of re-use of regional information heritage. The license of use of data is a real contract, undersigned by user who downloads dataset and re-uses data. The license defines: the object of the license; the nature of the physical/legal subject authorized to the re-use of data; aims and purposes for which the license is granted (commercial and no commercial use, personal use, educational use, scientific use); all activities permitted (consultation, duplication, integration and modification); condition of re-use (responsibilities and obligations of the document's owner, responsibilities and obligations of user, free or onerous nature of the re-use and method of payment).

How is it possible to re-use downloaded data?

The data downloaded from dati.lazio.it can be freely downloaded and re-use according to the conditions of the license of use applied by Regione Lazio, the Creative Commons BY. Its conditions are accepted at the same moment user downloads the dataset.

How is it possible to upload new datasets into the portal dati.lazio.it?

The staff responsible for the portal dati.lazio.it is charged to upload datasets. The data's owners (for example the regional Direction or other local players) can send their own datasets by the page Send your dataset into the "community" section.

What is open progetti?

OpenProgetti is an App that aims at making data on projects realized in Lazio thanks to European, national and regional financings available. OpenProgetti will allow informing citizens on the use of public resources on regional territory, reporting the state of process, the results obtained and the efficacy of intervention.

What is open spesa?

OpenSpesa is an App that aims at making data about regional spending, payments and commitments of Regione Lazio clear to citizens. It is a new tool of transparency and participation that aims at creating the conditions for a better governance of territory, programming and productive growth.

OpenSanità is an App that aims at making data on regional health system clear to citizens. OpenSanità will allow comparing some aspects relative to health data through a simple interface and using maps, graphical information and graphs on the state during the time.

Open sanità è l'applicazione pensata per rendere immediatamente comprensibili a tutti i cittadini i dati delle strutture sanitarie regionali. open sanità consentirà di comparare alcuni aspetti relativi ai dati sanitari tramite una semplice interfaccia e facendo uso di mappe, infografiche e grafici di andamento temporale.