Laws and Directives

Please find here the main references to legislation about Open Data: EU Directives, national and local rules.


EU Directives

Directives on re-use of public sector information (PSI):

  • Directive 2003/98/CE of European Parliament and Council (17 November 2003) about the re-use of public sector information.
  • Directive 2013/37/UE of European Parliament and Council (26 June 2013) modifying the directive 2003/98/CE about the re-use of public sector information.


Italian rules

The Italian legislation adopts the first European Directive in 2006, while in 2012, thanks to the modification of the Digital Administration Code, it introduces the principle of the open by default. Thanks to the law against corruption (2012), the Italian legislation acknowledges the Open Data as a tool necessary for accountability and with the Transparency Decree (2013) it introduces the civic access.


Regional rules

Regione Lazio promotes a pattern of Open Government based on the free access to public data and on the high interaction with citizens and companies. It aims at accelerating the economy of territory. Through the Regional Law n. 7 2012, Regione Lazio fixes times and obligations about open data.

Regione Lazio Law 18 June 2012, n.7
Provisions about open data and re-use of information and public data and relative initiatives.