Conditions of use

All contents are published in this web site under the license CC BY 4.0, except for those cases where other conditions of use are indicated. In this way, unless a different case is specified, all materials can be freely reproduced and used, provided that source and authors ( are mentioned. The forum administrators are available for anyone who thinks his own copyright is violated through publication or use by users of no authorized material, in order to resolve differences according to existing rules.

Forum conditions of use

The portal offers a space of horizontal discussion through the forum. This service is open to everyone, after registration. It will be necessary to declare the name and a valid e-mail for notifications. Before the registration, it is necessary read and accept the rules listed in the Policy Privacy. If users selects "I Accept" in the registration page, the user declares to accept all the rules. The administrators and moderators of the forum commit to maintain civil discussions in this space.

For a good use of this forum, we ask you to follow these simple and commons rules of civil coexistence that can be summarized as follow:

  • The comment has to be pertinent to the topic of discussion;
  • Offensive and insulting comments against other users, organizations, associations, companies, administrators and moderators of the forum are prohibited;
  • Obscene, racist and sexist sentences are prohibited. We shall not tolerate: insults, bad language, threats or actions which damage the personal dignity, the rights of minorities and children, the principles of freedom and equality;
  • Contents against Italian laws are prohibited.

If someone repeatedly violates these conditions, the staff reserves the right to remove any comment and block the author in order to avoid any other comment and, if necessary, to report them to public security forces. In order to guarantee traceability in case of legal proceeding, each comment has the IP number of the users who wrote it.

Moderators and administrators of the forum can modify or cancel contents, published by users, if the message is not in line with the aim of the web site and the rules before mentioned.

Moderators or administrators do not control messages before their publication. Each user has the complete responsibility of messages he publishes.

Comments and posts of users represent the opinion of a single person and not the opinion of the Regional Administration. Regione Lazio cannot be considered as responsible for the truth or less of what third parties, judicial or natural organisms write.

We suggest users:

  • Do not insert comments or posts with personal data;
  • Do not answer to those users which disturb the topic; answering means to increase the level of rumor;
  • Avoid to correct errors of syntax or typing;
  • Avoid to use large letters: it is not so pleasant reading posts of people screaming;
  • Before opening a new topic, please control that the same object is not discussed in other topics and, in this case, write in that discussion.

In all posts users will find the link "Report abuse". This link is useful to send to moderator the alert on a comment that, according to the user, disturbs the good exchange among users and violates Policy. Each registered user has the possibility to cancel his registration. In case of difficulty in this procedure, he can send the request of cancellation to the administrators.

Promotion of initiatives

Each citizen can propose his own initiatives through links or dedicated posts. Such notifications in comments are approved if they are in line with the topic. On the contrary, they will be removed. Advertising is not allowed.